Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall colours, fun fiber art bookmarks

After being a bit frustrated by not being able to get out walking, I decided last night to drive to the trail instead of walking the short distance as I would have without the hip problem, taking my camera with me for a photo shoot.
I strolled a bit with my walking polls, stopping every now and then when something caught my eye. A few wildflowers are still clinging to their blooms.
The mountain ash berries always catch my attention.
Then there is the pretty patterning of the changing ferns.
A fiery display.
I love the bits of green that still flow through the veins of the leaves.
I can see why I have such a fixation on birches in my fiber art. I'm sure there will be more to come.
I took a few dozen wonderful pictures and will have many for future reference. I'm feeling better knowing that I can still get out a bit into the trails and went to sleep at peace last night.
This morning, I tackled this monster zucchini, grating some to freeze, and to make a gluten free chocolate zucchini loaf that I'm trying out for my daughter.
Of course I had to sample it! It tastes good! I may have to make another one.
After that, I've been playing in my sewing room, having a bit of fun with my bookmarks. I'm a bit looney, I think, putting all these details into little bookmarks, but it's so fun when it's nothing serious. I think you feel a bit more freedom to just pull out any fiber bits. Does lace go with canvas? It does now.
How about some Angelina fiber?
Sure, why not?

I reined myself in and called them finished, adding a backing and doing a zigzag border around the first one.
I don't do them for sale. I'll stash them away to be used for gifts.


Mereknits said...

The bookmarks are so beautiful. So glad you got out for a bit of a walk and got to see all the beauty around you. I love birches and miss seeing them.

Mystic Quilter said...

I for one don't think you're a bit looney for adding detail to your bookmarks, I love seeing them in your posts and I can't imagine anything better than sitting down with a cup of tea possibly a biscuit or two and a good book, opening up at the page and seeing such a happy bookmark.

Eileen said...

Those bookmarks are GORGEOUS.
It is interesting to see you have some of the same plants as we do here in BC. Some of the ferns here are an enchanting bronze. Your mountain ash berries look redder than the ones in my yard.