Friday, September 12, 2014

Swinging on the deck, my mandala

I got home this afternoon just in time for tea and a little crochet time on my deck. I'll s swing and relax until hubby calls for his drive.

I've got 2 rows left.

I've been out most of the day, but before leaving this morning, I did a sketch of the waning cone flowers.


Mereknits said...

YOur crocheting is so beautiful, love the colors. I have always wishing I could draw, I used to be pretty good at it in high school but that was long ago.
Hugs to you,

MILLY said...

Hello, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.
What a busy lady you are, so nice to see all your projects. I loved your post seeing you kayaking, beautiful scenery and that double rainbow. It is fascinating to see your surroundings, so different to mine and so interesting that we can share it with others.