Thursday, September 4, 2014

A bit of fabric printing and painting

For a few weeks, I've had colors, images and motifs for a piece of fiber art floating around in my head-- blues, greens, golds and tans, the ever changing colors of sand, sea and sky. Beach grasses waving in the wind, wild peas sprawling over the sands.
Last week I collected some beach grasses in hopes of using them to do some sun prints. I've finally got a sunny day and have the time but it's windy, so I googled sun printing with a piece of plexi glass laid over the painted fabric with the grasses laid underneath to keep them from blowing away. Since I didn't find much, I'm testing a piece.

I know there'll be a line across where the glass ends but I think that size will suit. I'll do more if it works.
I've started to carve a sand dollar from Speedy Carve and plan to do a star fish as well.

Referring to the beach photos that I've taken over the summer, I've gone through my stash, choosing some colors.

This is sometimes how I work-- gathering the ideas, the fabrics, making stamps, painting fabric. I plan to do some strip piecing this afternoon for a bit. Once I've gathered enough painted, printed and stitched fabrics, I will start arranging on the design wall. Perhaps, I will do a few sketches at this point.
I didn't start with a sketch because I need to see how my imagined pieces will turn out first. All the little sketches I've done over the summer have been good fodder.
While I was clearing a large piece of layered painted canvas from my drawing table so I could do the painted fabric for the sun print, I started thinking about how to use the canvas. It will be used eventually in various bags and containers, but I decided to do a small piece to be used for bookmarks. I use them for little gifts and recently had a request for some.
I screen printed and stamped a small strip. It will be pressed, stitched and cut up for the bookmarks.

Nice colors, screen printed, printed, paint dabbed.

Now, I'm heading to my sewing studio. I was surprised, yesterday, to get a call for an MRI on my knee this afternoon. I expected to wait much longer. Now, I just have to wait to get an appointment with the specialist. Getting somewhere at least.


rtquilter said...

What kind of paints are you using for the sun prints?

Watercolour and Textile Artist, Eileen Gidman said...

Wow, I like that layered canvas piece.