Thursday, September 11, 2014

Strippy curves

I have made some progress on my beach themed curvy strip piece. I know it looks like I'm adding a strip a day. In about an hour and a half this afternoon, this is my progress, about 2 1/2" worth. My ruler gives you the idea of the size.
Do you see the dark brown sliver on the upper left side? That was where I started today. I'm excited to have moved into the greens which represent sea grasses.
The dark green at the top is not sewn on yet. I always like to pick out my next piece before I stop.

I have learned a few things:
!. It is faster and easier to sew the strips on without pinning.
2. Using a fat 1/8" seam makes it easier.
3. Using my favourite beaded stiletto to guide the fabric makes the edges easier to match.
4. Since I'm sewing some strips that are very narrow, it would be better to iron away form the seams. I am sewing strips from forefront to background and pressing down. Next time, I would start with the background to avoid catching the seams in the really narrow pieces.

It is a fun, absorbing and messy process.
This is about as messy as I get. I'll clean after each session. I know I need to let go a bit!
I'm happy with the piece so far, but my vision is limited. I must finish the strips and then see where it takes me.
I'm pretty relaxed today though, as hubby has gone off on another golf tournament. Supper will be left overs; no need to cook. Don't you love that?
I've been enjoying the birds around my yard and my deck although I think the hummingbirds have gone. The sweet little chickadees are my favorite! They have taken a liking to bathing in my deck top fountain.
I guess waterfalls don't scare them.
The bowls are just the right size.
Their own little water-park.To be a little birdie for a few blissful moments.


Mereknits said...

YOur sewing is looking pretty fantastic from here. I just LOVE alone time!

Eileen said...

Those chickadee photos are precious.

Mystic Quilter said...

What a lovely fountain to have on your deck, nothing like the round of these for relaxing and the birds certainly are happy. Love the way your curvy stripped piece is developing.