Monday, September 29, 2014

Drawing leaves, finishing bookmarks

We had record breaking temperatures on the weekend--28C here yesterday--and since it seemed too windy to put the kayaks out, we decided to head to the golf course. I've not been able to walk the course for a while now, but even using a cart is become a challenge. However, a busy day meant slow play, so I was able to rest in between. I sat through one hole and stopped now and again to take pictures. That and a couple of Tylenol before heading out meant I was able to have a few good holes.
The course was littered with leaves and it was a bit of a challenge to find even a good ball at times. It was nice to get out though.
Today, I took my time getting up, and then as I usually do on Mondays, I picked up, did some wash, and vacuumed. Yay, done for the week!
I took a rest after lunch with a cup of tea and my drawing supplies.
Ha, I just noticed, that my husband picked a shirt to match the fall leaves.
 Afterwards, I headed to my sewing studio where I sorted a bit and added the final touches--the zigzag edging and yarn tails-- to the book marks. Done. That's the last you'll see of those.
There. Now I feel as if I've accomplished a few things today, a good way to start the week. I can take my rest now before I start dinner.

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Exuberant Color said...

We have had beautiful fall weather here too. The trees are starting to turn and many are dropping leaves.

Your bookmarks turned out great!