Thursday, August 28, 2014

My daughter's visit, an indoors day-- finishing the seahorse fiber art, a mug rug

Yesterday, my daughter and her boyfriend left after a couple of lovely days staying at my brother in law's cottage at the beach. My husband took a day off, one of the hottest this summer, and we enjoyed it too. My daughter's boyfriend brought his kite boarding equipment with him and we were treated to a demonstration. I've never seen anyone doing it here before, but there were 2 others out that day.
It was windy and really warm. It looked like such fun!

 I think they enjoyed their time-- a little break before it's back to work and university classes which start next week.

They left yesterday morning, but I didn't have much of a chance to be sad as it was my day to head to the local craft shop.
In the evening, it was cooler, and I took my bicycle along with my camera out for a spin on the trails. I've been frustrated since I haven't been able to walk the trails due to my hip pain.we find ways to compensate and adapt.
Nights are cooling, dusk is setting earlier, and look at those leaves! Fall is slowly encroaching.
There is always something fascinating to photograph.
Only a few blossoms clinging to the fire-weed. Most of them are done. When in full bloom, the fields are ablaze in a swath of pink. I love the spiky designs once the petals have fallen.

On my bike ride last week the fields were full of those delicate spikes, but by last night they had turned to fuzz.
I've just looked it up. The fluff is a type of down which bursts from the spike capsules and aids in seed dispersal.
One of summer's last blooms, I couldn't resist these delicate little white wood asters.
Do you love it when there has been a stretch of hot sunny weather beach weather, followed by a rainy day? That's just what we've gotten. My sewing studio window is open and I'm listening to the rain and the gusty wind waving the branches and leaves on  the backyard trees. It doesn't deter the goldfinches from chasing each other noisily in between eating from the finch feeder in front of my window where I sew.
Oh dear, I was waxing on about how lovely it was when I heard a noise and my power went off. It was only off for about a half hour and I was pleasantly surprised to find my post saved mid sentence.
This afternoon, I added the backing and binding to the Seahorse. I will need to photograph it again when the sun comes back out.
I've sold my mug rugs that were at the shop, so I pulled out my scrap bins and came up with this combination.
I left it ready to quilt in my next session in the studio. I found lots of interesting bits that would make great mug rugs. It's a great way to use up the extra printed bits (this one is a resist screen print) and pieced scraps from quilted projects.


Mystic Quilter said...

Your screen print look good with the fabrics pieces, hope you'll post the finished result.

Linda said...

Love your Seahorse!

imquilternity said...

What a lovely couple of days. You must live in a gorgeous area and it's obvious that you do not take it for granted. Have fun with the mug rugs!!