Monday, August 18, 2014

Crocheted mandala continues, machine quilting, choosing embellishments

I love this kind of day. It is breezy and cool enough to have pulled open the windows and my summer sheers are gently blowing. The sheets are on the line even though there has been the odd shower. There is birdsong accompanying the tinkle of my various garden chimes.
I organized the almost finished deck.

I took a walk about my gardens, clipping and dead heading a few things. I picked 3 pieces-- a hosta leaf, a fern, and a small hydrangea for my antique blue bottle. (Thanks Karine!)

Each time I take a little break, I've added a few more rows to the star mandala. It's going to make a very cheerful table center.

My sewing studio is pleasant too. I sew facing the window where I feel the breeze, hear and watch the birds and look at my garden.

I've almost finished the free motion quilting on the seahorse piece and I've been having fun trying out some fibre embellishments.

I'm planning to finish up the machine work so I can take it with me to the shop where I'll work on a bit of hand embellishment.

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