Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wildflowers and sketching

Before lunch, I went for a little bike ride along some trails near our house. The tansy and the pearly everlasting are slowly turning brown and I wanted to gather one more bunch before their season passes.
It's something I do every year recently. My bouquets and their sketches are becoming visual recordings of the ebb and flow of seasonal flora and fauna. My backyard and the nearby trails have become my observatory, full of color, texture, and sounds, providing me with endless fascination and sometimes simple wonder in the moment. Bringing a little bit of it inside makes me happy when I glance at it in passing or view it up close while eating.

After lunch, I intended to head to the sewing studio to get back to the free motion quilting on an unfinished table runner.
I made a cup of tea and since it is a bit of an overcast day and not too hot on the deck, I headed there to sit and drink my tea.
I'm easily distracted by colourful things.

I ended up pulling out my sketchbook, pen and paints to do a sort of gestural study of my table arrangement. I wanted it to be loose and quick with splashes of color but it still took me an hour.
Maybe another day, I could start with the brush, laying in large strokes of color, adding the pen later.

Now, it's almost time for a quick little snack and I'm supposed to be taking it easy so I can go to the golf course to hit a few balls with my husband tonight.

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

wonderful Holly!! Great colours going on