Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Seahorse, 3rd time round

My husband is still on vacation this week, so I've not been sewing at all until today. He went to golf 18 holes this afternoon with our nephew. Yesterday, he and I did 9 holes; I can barely manage that. We treated ourselves to lobster rolls in the restaurant afterwards and then we went to the beach for a swim.

It was about 6:30 and the breeze was cooling, but again, like Sunday, the water was warm and the surf was up. I couldn't do much body surfing-- can't get up and down-- but it sure was relaxing to bob up and down out in the swells. I had a good sleep last night despite the creaky joints!

So, this afternoon, after my hubby left, I was quite content to spend time in the sewing studio. I did a couple of mundane sewing repairs to get the room cleared, and then I tried again at putting the curved borders around the seahorse. The first two tries were simply not working for me. I do try to audition fabrics but sometimes I have to see it actually sewn before I decide if I like it, or not. It's a bit tricky to audition the curvy seams.

This is more the look I was going for.
Next session, I will cut some batting and do the quilting. The shell edge in the foreground will be extended horizontally. That really just gets me to the fun part-- adding some hand embellishments.

I've been watching my deck extension creep along all summer in between my hubby's golfing. Finally we have the deck! All that remains are the side rails. Of course it proved to be a lot more work, and expense, than he thought. From above it looked like there were 3 support posts. Upon closer examination he discovered 5. Holes had to be dug, sono tubes buried and concrete poured. Then the posts were set onto those. It adds about 3 1/2 feet to our little deck. I am so pleased.

Now I'll have room for my swing and the gravity chair. I can choose to lie back or swing while listening to the little fountain and watching the birds. Tough decision!

Next year, I'll have some veggie space back too. I have missed that. I'm getting a kick out of watching my tomatoes, cucumber and zucchini grow around my holly bushes where I usually would plant some annuals.
I expected the cucumber to ramble through the garden; however, it has decided to climb through the Holly bush. I discovered 2 cucumbers growing along the branches.

On the other side the tomato has decided to use the second bush as a support.

The silliest of things amuse me!
I'm off to make a cup of tea and ponder my supper. No cooking tonight, yippee!
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Kate said...

I am often amused by climbers in my garden. Morning glories peek out of bush beans, as cucumbers climb the downspout.
Sounds like you are having a lovely stay-cation.

Margaret said...

I too love my gravity chair! I don't have a deck, but put it up under one of my ornamental fruit trees in the back yard. Heaven with a book and a beverage!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Nice pictures Holly...nothing like the gravity chair!!

Monica said...

It all sounds completely idyllic, Holly! Body surfing, lobster rolls, lounging on your new deck, and a nice little quilt to keep you busy too! Great post, thanks for the getaway!

Mystic Quilter said...

Seahorses and shells - lovely! I agree with you about the auctioning and sewing of fabric to chaco if your decision is the right one, your border fabric looks good.
Enjoy your extended deck and your lovely fresh veggies.