Monday, August 25, 2014

Seasonal sketches

Summer has returned with sunny hot weather and I've not been into the sewing studio in a few days.
In my little snippets of time around my meal with my tea, I've done a couple of seasonal sketches.
The first one of some early hydrangea, I worked on over two days.

I was out in my kayak both Saturday and Sunday exploring the Beresford waterways that are rife with sea heather right now. This is apparently the main attraction for a rare butterfly called the Maritime Ringlet.

I won't get back to my sewing now for a few days as my daughter and her boyfriend are on their way for a visit at the cottage until Wednesday.
My husband is taking tomorrow off and it looks like the weather will be good.


Mystic Quilter said...

Hydrangeas are a favourite of mine, I have quite a number around our garden and I love your sketch.

Eileen said...

Lately I have been the opposite. In my sewing room and not out sketching. Hydrangeas are so beautiful and so challenging to draw. Well done.