Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Seahorse quilting and embellishing, mandala continues

Since the seahorse piece is not very large, it didn't take me too long to finish up the wavy quilting lines and add a few fiber embellishments.
I'm still planning to add a few final hand touches in the foreground--perhaps some embroidered shells and some beads.
I've got this absolutely wonderful book by Judith baker Montano called Free-Form Embroidery transforming traditional stitches into fiber art.
Her seascapes and landscapes are so textured and luscious, that you could enjoy it just for the beautiful photos. There are lots of how to's and simple stitches to get you inspired.
In between, I've been adding a few more rows to my mandala. They really are addictive. I see more in the future. They're so colorful but I could also imagine some done in monochromatic shades of blue for example.
I'm linking to The Needle and Thread Network.


Sew Sisters Quilt Shop said...

This is so beautiful!

Lisa J. said...

Your work is very detailed and beautiful.

Vicki W said...

It's lovely! Terrific detail in your stitching.

Kate said...

Love the crochet work! My kind of colours.

Dolores said...

What a colourful project to crochet. I love the colours in your seahorse piece.

Susan Barker said...

Your sea scape is fun to study to look for details... And that mandala! I have been seeing them all over pinterest and finally chose a pattern (doily) and started one yesterday... i need more colors!