Thursday, August 7, 2014

Back home but still in vacation mode

We had a lovely long weekend on Prince Edward Island at the family cottage. It was sunny and warm  the whole time. We:

Swam in the ocean everyday
Had family barbecues everyday
Played golf
Had visits with my daughter and her boyfriend, lots of nieces, nephews, brothers, sisters and mom and step dad.

I didn't even take the camera out of it's bag until we hit the nature park on this side of the Confederation Bridge.
This is a photo looking west from the beach that I took last year. When the water is warm, as it was this weekend, the swimming is wonderful!

My husband kindly stopped every hour or so for me to get out and stretch my legs.My hip joint has become very painful. I am waiting for xray results which because of summer vacations could take a few weeks.
There were lots of wildflowers along the pathways that caught my interest. These reminded me of a sprinkling of pink stars.

I can't identify it from my wildflower book. The only thing close is something called 'salt marsh pink' although the petals are different.
Here's another more common one I think.
Could this last one be meadow sweet?
These are the minutiae that occupy my mind! Why did I not take family photos, I don't know. I was too relaxed to bother with cameras. One afternoon at the beach after a nice swim while I sat by myself, I looked up and down the beach and imagined how I would paint it. The sketchbook and paint kit were in my bag but I laid there in a lovely stupor. That's what holidays are about I guess.
Today, my husband is off to a golf tournament-- yippee I don't have to make supper-- and I am going to the waterfront shop for 3 hours, so no studio time.
I'm sharing my lunch salad since it's the only thing I've created lately.
Quinoa Apple Cheddar Salad

red pepper

apple cider vinegar
olive oil
maple syrup or honey

I usually ad lib it but you can find lots of similar recipes on line for exact proportions.
We have another week of vacation and we're expecting a visit from my son and his wife so again, I won't be blogging much.
In whatever part of the world you are I hope you're enjoying your vacations.


Eileen said...

Holly, I too find it necessary to take some time to rejuvenate. So much energy goes out when we are creating. Relax and enjoy!

imquilternity said...

Your vacation sounds absolutely wonderful. Especially all the swimming you get to do in that warm water. I'm envious! The photo of the bridge above is quite stunning... all of the photos are beautiful, but that one is exceptional.