Friday, April 27, 2012

more prints, adding texture and thread sketching

I promised yesterday that I would show some more of my printing results, so here are some with a seashore theme for which I made my own gelatin mold. I whipped the gelatin with a wire whisk for lots of bubbles in the gelatin. This shows up in the print. I used dried, pressed seaweed and a paper masque for the shell. They will be developed further with stitch and paint.
 Here I stamped on my mono printed cotton with a homemade seahorse stamp. The seashell will be lightly painted in and defined with stitching. Don't you love the bubbles?

I'm aiming for the look of a fairy tale castle in the sea.  made teh stamp with craft foam and mounted it on Plexiglas which my husband cuts and sands for me.
I did several more which you'll see off and on as I decide to work on them.
I was out for lunch, errands and groceries today and when I got home I added a  little more texture to my hummingbird pieces with screens, and odd bits of things I've collected with interesting textures.
I was dying to get started on doing some black thread sketching. The last time I tried this, I used a tissue paper overlay which I did not enjoy picking off. I realized it should have been reversed and done from the back side but sometimes the bobbin stitching doesn't look as good as the top thread.
This time, I lightly outlined with a pencil on the right side and then went ahead and stitched referring back to my sketches when needed. Something is missing in the bottom center. I will be adding something there. I've done the corn flowers before as some of you may remember. I love their colors and their wispy petals. I will be adding color to the hummingbird and the flowers.
As i write this, I'm listening to the music on this blog. It is so beautiful!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

These are the neatest things....never to old to learn something new,eh.

Margaret Applin said...

You are soooo good at the gelatin monoprinting!!!! I want to see MORE!!!!!

imquilternity said...

This progress is exciting to watch and, yes, I love the bubbles.

elle said...

The bubbles are great. I've not tried anything like this. Looks good!