Saturday, April 14, 2012

border dilemma

I was all set to get creative today; my body wasn't cooperating! I think my busy week caught up with me and when I got home after lunch today, as much as I wanted to go into my studio, I didn't have the energy. I ended up stretched out on the sofa with the crossword and my knitting.

A few times today, I've pulled fabrics out trying to match the tulip piece. I think it might make a nice pillow. I cannot believe I was in 3 quilt shops this week and never thought to take this piece to look for border fabrics. I've tried 3 from my stash but I'm not quite happy, although I think the 3rd might be the best option.
 This project may have to wait until I go away again in May. Darn!
Any votes on whether it should be a wall hanging or a pillow?
If it is to be a hanging, I could finish quilting it and get away with a green binding I think.


Exuberant Color said...

the knitting is so pretty with that little bit of color added.

I like the third best too. I think wallhanging rather than pillow.

Maree Rogers said...

Definitely a wall hanging - it is so pretty. I think the third option looks great for a border.

Gill said...

I do love your tulips! I too think the third is the best of the three but somehow I feel it's not quite right(sorry!!)
Definitely a wall hanging!

Anonymous said...

I like the third as well, since it seems to echo the leaves.
Stay inspired!

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

The third green seems to agree better with what looks to be a slight pinkish cast? Ah... pillow or wall hanging... ? Decisions, decisions! It will be beautiful either way, Holly!

elle said...

Oh,dear. Sorry, but I really like that first one. Orange and pink to my mind is yummy and they'd make a lovely pillow!