Thursday, April 26, 2012

gelatin monoprinting

I was looking for a recipe for the sugar water to fill my hummingbird feeder when I decided to try some mono printing using the hummingbird as a motif. The first thing I do is to look for some pictures and trace some simple designs on tracing paper with notes on colors although that's not really necessary because once I decide to paint them on my fabric I'll look them up again. By holding the papers up to a a window, I trace just the outlines onto white typewriter paper and then cut them out.

Once I iron some white cotton fabric to fit the Gelli printing plate, I'm ready to go. Using a brayer and a Styrofoam meat tray, I squeeze out a couple of colors of fabric paint, mix it some and then roll it onto the  Gelli plate. I then use the paper shapes that I have cut out as a masque for the paint. Here is where I have to remember to lay it in the right direction as the print will be reversed. The picture below shows the paint on the Gelli plate and the paper hummingbird. It is ready for me to lay the fabric on and gently rub to get my print.
 I did several prints reusing the hummingbird paper pattern each time.

After letting it dry a bit, I used a Thermofax screen with flowers that my friend Margaret Applin sent me.

Even the paint covered papers can be saved and reused. They would also be great for collage.
You may notice some other designs in the papers above. I also did some ocean themed prints which I'll show tomorrow.


Gill said...

Thank you Holly! this sounds such fun!
I'm going to try and track down a Gelli plate but I'm not having much luck finding one in the UK so I may have to import one from the US!!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Gosh you are full of surprises!! That is great; never heard of this before....very neat

Debbie said...

just the foamy appearance of the bubbles. super neat technique, thanks for sharing ut. maybe someday i can get a chance to try it.