Monday, April 16, 2012

getting a new floor

This week is starting out to be a little like last week. It's not that I'm going away, but I may not get too much sewing done earlier in the week. I'm having a new kitchen floor put in today, and I've discovered it's a little more work than having other floors done. Everything has to be moved including, appliances. I made us some wraps last night so I wouldn't have to get in the workers way. I'm heading out to get away from the noise shortly.
Yesterday, I went out to my front yard and started some raking and clean up of my gardens. We have a small lot but with my fibromyalgia, I still have to divide it up into little sections. Usually, we're still under snow at this time; the backyard  still has  a bit of a snow bank.

I finished quilting the tulips; I decided(I think) to do it as a  wall hanging. I discovered when I hung my wash out that I had actually purchased a piece of batik that may do nicely as a binding.

However, I'm disenchanted with it right now. I added some Paintstick as shading around the tulips to push them forward and I don't think I like it.

Also, last night while examining my baby afghan, I noticed that I had done the 2 stitches on the side borders a different way on each side. while I'm sure nobody would ever notice, these things bug me and I knew at bedtime that I would have to rip it out. Unfortunately, I must take out about 3/4 of it. My philosophy is that it is the process I enjoy, so it will give me a little more 'process'. At least I am very happy with the colors.

 This is a dinner I made on the weekend, veggie loaf, stir fried Chinese broccoli and sweet potato. I've discovered this site which has lots of great vegetarian recipes.

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Exuberant Color said...

I had a new kitchen floor put in a few years back and it is a major thing to do. you were smart to have a meal ready and to get away from the noise. I hope you love the new floor.