Monday, April 30, 2012

adding narrow borders and shiva Paintsticks

I didn't get to sew today because I had a  dentist appointment for a filling and then a doctor's appointment. Yesterday,  I did add a narrow red border in the quilt as you go method, and today I did sit down and add some color to the bird and flowers with Shiva Paintsticks.

It is a little more fiddly to do a small piece with the quilt as you go method but I'm glad I did because I dd change my mind about the final border once I added the inner border and some paint. You can see a bit of the fabric I will use for the final border in the background. I do still have to add black stitching for the eye and hopefully I'll have time for some sewing tomorrow.


elle said...

Looks good,Holly. Do you have tips for the Shiva paint sticks?

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

It's a great looking piece..I really like the quilting you did from the back...stands out nicely.

imquilternity said...

It's looking wonderful! I love the really makes the whole thing pop.