Friday, May 17, 2013

Sketching tulips

It is my habit to do the odd sketch of whatever is in season and the tulips that i picked yesterday are the first flowers of spring from my own garden. They will make a good reference for the textile work that I do.

Thinking that I might like a textural layer underneath, last night I screen printed my motif design onto my sketchbook page using acrylic matte medium. The pages are only a thin paper, hence the rippling. I don't mind though. I'm just recording bits of my garden and a few thoughts; it's no masterpiece. But, it gives me ideas to ponder for further work on fabric.
Once that dried, I added a pale layer of watercolor ( the gold color).
Today, I penciled in the sketch and added watercolor to it. Then I outlined with black pen.
Now, I'm just about to gather my quilt around me and get stitching. It is unseasonably cold here!
Happy Victoria Day weekend to all my Canadian readers!


Gill said...

This is fabulous Holly!
Have a great weekend!

elle said...

Yay for Victoria! She did journal work and needle work! Cold and very rainy here, Holly. Keep those tulips coming!