Friday, May 3, 2013

Playing with textures and layers

I'm heading out the door shortly but I just had to take a little time for some stress relief in my studio.
I pulled out my basket of leftover fibres that I collect from past projects. They are loosely bagged by color family. I save everything! Little bits of lace, scraps of Angelina fibres, bits of thread and yarns, strips of fabric left from straightening an edge, even foil candy wrappers!

I started layering them all onto my crazy patch that I did last night. I guess I didn't need to do that free motion layer, but oh well, it was fun!

Next I cut and laid a piece of tulle netting over the whole thing and added a closely sewn layer of meandering to hold it all down.
I've cut it up into book mark sizes, adding fusible flowers to see how it will look. Hmm, I'm wondering if I can fuse with a low iron onto the netting. I'll stitch them down anyway.
I'm even going to use the little bits for brooches!

I've got to leave it for today. I'm off for my errands and tutoring.
Have a great weekend!


beth said...

Love this project. I save everything as well. ;)

imquilternity said...

How fun! I love that you've used foil candy wrappers. Some of them are so pretty/interesting.