Sunday, May 5, 2013

enjoying the outdoors

We've been having a string of much welcomed, summer like days, so staying inside has not been a priority. My husband and I went for breakfast and then did a few yard chores before lunch. Without his help it would
 take me all summer!
After lunch I sat on the deck with my cup of tea in my new lounge chair and finished a book I was reading. Then I took my camera along on my first little bike ride of the season, looking for some signs of spring. It was hot enough that I didn't need my jacket, but the forest floor is still strewn with dried leaves and the trail was covered here and there with snow.
There is not much spring green to be seen yet, but I did spy a few buds getting ready to burst on some small bushes.

I also took a bit of time to finish another bookmark and one little brooch. I have several brooches cut and one more bookmark and it would for sure be quicker to do a bunch in an assembly line fashion; however,  I want to add one of these to a gift that needs to be mailed.
 We also have another raven visiting and dunking it's food in the bird bath. I do get a kick out of watching them.!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

lovely pictures Holly...we had a beautiful weekend here too. We just came back from the cemetery. We realized yesterday that my father-in-law's grave had settled a lot after the winter. So; we were back there after supper putting topsoil on it and building it back up...topped his mom's off too. Now we will put some grass seed on them and hope they stay nice for awhile.

Watercolour and Textile Artist, Eileen Gidman said...

I think that raven would make interesting subject matter in your art work.