Sunday, May 26, 2013

Adding a sheer, painting and quilting

I couldn't wait today to get back in my studio to the piece I put together yesterday. I wanted the leaves to pop out more so I decided to experiment with pastels which I rubbed on. Since they're chalky, I knew something would need to go over it for stability. I tried brushing on matte medium. It works but deepens the color.
In the picture below I've added it to the pink vine and the leaves on the stems below the appliqués leaves.
I then ended up adding a lighter metallic paint for a highlight.

Next, I wanted to try adding a shear overlay. Of course I didn't practice on a sample. I jumped right in, drawing up my design and using a chalk pencil to trace it onto the organza.
I pinned in atop of the now sandwiched quilt top and free motion stitched it down.

I don't have any special appliqué scissors so would you believe I used little cuticle scissors? They have a nice little curve.
I've started stippling the background and I did back and forth curves in around the foliage in the centre. I'm not sure how I'll do the rest yet.


Margaret Applin said...

Holly, that looks FABULOUS!!!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

this is just gorgeous!!

Glenda M said...

That is beautiful Holly.

elle said...

my gosh. You are onto something!

Gem said...

Wow, that is stunning work!