Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sketching tulips and random sewing

Sometimes when I'm a bit stressed, which I am at the moment, (some family health issues), I can't seem to settle into serious art making. I did manage to order some new business cards from Vista prints though. It's amazing how much time that sucked up!
I went for a walk, always a priority, and then did a bit of sewing before supper. I grabbed a piece of Timtex and my box of scraps and started sewing crazy patch style. Then I did an all over free motion leaf. The plan is to add flowers and texture and cut it up into book marks. I'm not sure if the Timtex is too thick or not. I've tried other things and found them flimsy so we'll see.

Tomorrow, I'll be out for errands, lunch, and tutoring and may not have time to sew.
I was restless tonight and so decided to do quick sketches of the tulips I picked up at the grocers yesterday. They were free, in consolation for them being wrongly priced. Isn't that great!? The photo is not the best as it is just going on dusk here.

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elle said...

The colours of the fabrics are so refreshing. I'm getting stressed, too. I forgot that spring is a busy time for me and here I am getting ready to gad about. :( Oh,well! I have also underestimated my tote making skills. LOL Nice tulips!