Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hand stitching

I got supper out of the way at noon time, a chickpea loaf. I cooked the chickpeas yesterday. Today, I pulsed them slightly before putting them in a bowl. I tend to make things on the fly. Of course the basic idea usually comes from browsing the net. I added oatmeal, homemade breadcrumbs, greens, grated carrot and parsnip, some seasoning, an egg plus an egg white. It gets mixed and pressed into a pan. It's baking right now for an hour at 300F.

Finally, the sun came out today! It's not seasonably warm yet but at least the rain has stopped. I went outside and potted up some lettuce seedlings and then prepped a small area of vegetable garden. Still have to keep everything in at night though.
When I sat down for tea this afternoon, I pulled out my silk ribbons and perle cottons. I just want to add a few touches the Moonlight Garden.


elle said...

'Everything' looks good, Holly!

Linda said...

Moonlight Garden is so pretty. Love the colours you have used.