Sunday, May 12, 2013

A quiet Mothers Day

Today has been a quiet day but sometimes those are the best. My husband made breakfast and we relaxed over the paper. He reads; I do the crossword. Then we went for a walk and after lunch we went to his parents for a visit.
I didn't really have time to get into much, so I cleaned up my sewing space a bit and cut scraps up into various sized squares. Do you do that? I have a box full. I wonder if I'll ever use them.

Yesterday, was rainy so I went down to the craft shop and put in my few hours there. My things are arranged on shelves. I didn't get the best picture, partly due to a window on the other side.

Tomorrow were travelling out of town for my yearly doctor's appointment with the endocrinologist. It's about a two hour drive each way and I have a big list of shopping to do as well, so we'll be busy and tired tomorrow night.


Wendy Ouellette said...

Quiet is nice. The older I get the more I like it! I had company today but plan to do a quick blog post and then sew. Your display looks great at the shop.
Have a safe drive and a fun day...tired is good when you have fun getting tired! So have fun!

imquilternity said...

I agree... your shop display looks lovely. Sounds like a great day to me. I love to putter in my sewing room. I did the same thing as you... a little bit of straightening up and a lot of "fondling."

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Your display looks lovely! Next time we go to Beresford, I will have to drop into the shop as I have never been there. Good luck with your appointment!