Thursday, May 23, 2013

camp retreat

As promised, I've got a slightly improved photo of my quilt with one more row added. The blocks finish at 12 inches, so I'll be using the cornerstone fabric to make at least one more border after the black.
At the camp there is a small loft area where we like to hang finished pieces. Two of the quilters, Sue and Wendy were working on Shnibbles. Did I even spell that right and does anyone else know what they are? I know the designer comes out with one a month, I think, and that most are table topper size.
Paula started out with plans for a granny square baby quilt with repros and then decided not to stop. It going to be a really pretty quilt.
Two quilts were brought for show, a scrappy one done by Anne.
And this red and white beauty by Sue. It's called Scarlet Queen by Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.
Here's another show and tell by Wendy. She only had to add the binding. I love the black and white with the chartreuse color!
It takes us about an hour to drive to this camp, 3/4 of it being on a dirt road. Once there, we're sewing in about a half hour. Well, except for Wendy who brings most of her sewing room and who takes a little longer to settle! We bring all our meals prepared ahead of time so we just warm them up and then it all goes in the dishwasher. Can you believe it, a camp way out in the woods with a dishwasher!

We stay one night and have 2 days of fun.It's amazing that it only takes about 1/2 hour for us to clean and pack up. We're a good team. We like to sew until the last minute and then we whip into action.
Today, I'm resting up.


elle said...

The black sashing just sets things off nicely. That Scarlet Queen is quite striking. You gals are retreat pros!

Wendy said...

great description of our retreat Holly.
Your quilt is looking great!