Friday, March 1, 2013

Carving stamps

Today was my errand day and I also have lunch with friends and tutor so definitely no time for creative arts!
I was just able to find the time to test print a couple of stamps that I carved last night. Mmmm, the way I have them stamped reminds me of chain link fences and chains. I wonder what that could mean!

Tomorrow, I'll be going to guild UFO day where I'll be working on my postage stamp quilt. I keep it packed in a box just for these days and I don't touch it in between.
I hope you all have a creative and relaxing weekend!


elle said...

I'm catching up, Holly. I agreed with your comment on MarveLes Leslie's blog. I, too, see similarities in some of our favourite bloggers blogs! Yours included! ;^)

MarveLes Art Studios said...

very creative, for sure. reminds me of the quatrefoil patterns in the stencils that is so cool. you'll have lots of fun, and lots of creative hours using them, i am sure!

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