Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter tulips and ice

Today was a pretty quiet day for us as we had the family potluck yesterday. My own children were not able to make it home.
I tried to get my four tulip prints finished and sewn into a runner for yesterday but I didn't make it. I did some thread painting in orange, although that's not quite finished, and some free motion black around the tulips. Each one will be bordered in black then a tone-on-tone and eventually sewn into a runner.
This one doesn't have the orange stitching on it yet.

I'm pretty pleased with how they are turning out though. I think it will be quite a pretty runner.
In the picture below, you can see a small sample of the fabric I plan to use in between each block.

It's been quite a lovely day here today although still Not very warm. There's still lots of snow and ice around yet to keep the air cooled. While at the in laws, we ventured out on the beach for a little stroll. We had to find a spot to get down over the ice to the sandy part of the beach where it was fascinating to walk almost underneath the melting ice bank.

There were some very pretty colors in between the stacks of ice blocks where the sun was shining through.


elle said...

The sun is actually quite hot, isn't it?

deanna7trees said...

i don't really understand that 4th image but it is amazing.

mysweetprairie said...

I can't get over the snow! Awesome photos. We haev a stupid amount of snow here too. It's finally melting.

Holly - I haven't been here in a while, but I LOVE your new(er) header! Nice to see a photo of you in it too.
: )

Happy spring!