Sunday, March 3, 2013

Postage Stamp and Scrappy Trip Around the World

At UFO day, yesterday, I worked on more blocks for my postage stamp quilt. This has been a WIP for the last couple of years and could take some time yet, as I will save it to take to our twice monthly UFO days.

There are 9 four patches of 1 1/2 inch squares that I put together into block that will finish at 6 inches square.
I devised a star to fit it into to make it a 12 inch block.

I've decided to do 20 blocks to sew into a 4 by 5 block section with black slashing. I have 6 more blocks to go!
Also, I'd like it to be for a queen size bed so I will have to add some sort of border. I'll keep you posted when I get enough done to start the dashing.
Another block that has intrigued me lately is the scrappy trip around the world that has been popping up all over the net.
Check these ones out. You'll find a link for a tutorial there as well. Caution though! It's addictive!
Recently, I've been cutting strips from my stash and I ordered a jelly roll. Since I have a box of black and whites, I wondered how the block would look using those for the diagonal as opposed to a more solid black. I tried one out this morning and I think it works nicely. I'll have to to 3 more to really see the effect.

The blocks in this are 2 1/2 inches so it finishes at 12 inches. This will also be a quilt that I will do over time. Sometimes I need a little art break while I'm collecting myself for the next project. I like to have these no brainer projects to fill in.
I think this will be a week when I will be cutting, cleaning and finishing up some projects.
This printed piece was a reject, but I've just added some paint to the petals and matched some possible fabrics to it. I will add some stamping and some free motion stitching and it will become another small pouch.

I'm off to make a lunch and then head out for an in law visit.
I hope you're having a relaxing Sunday.


imquilternity said...

Well, you've been busy! I really like what you've done. I'm also impressed at you for working with 1 1/2" squares... that's sooooo much work. Obviously, you're not like me since I'm not great at getting a good, scant 1/4" seam so mine always come out wonky. I agree with you about the black and black/white prints being perfect for the scrappy trip. Can't wait to see more of this one.

Vicki said...

Nice job with both blocks! Thanks for sharing. Vicki from Vancouver Island - we are kinda Canadian book-ends.

Swedish Scrapper said...

Wonderful, I think the black will work very nicely! An your petals are looking good too. I can definitely imagine them as a pouch. Just saw a few of my favorite books slide by on your widget-- Drawn to Stitch and The Found Object in Textile Art :D

elle said...

Yes, that scrappy trip is addictive. I'm planning for a dark value rather than black so I hope that works but first I have some other 'must do' projects.

Margaret Applin said...

Love where that is going Holly!!!

thesewinggeek said...

Great projects to work on in between others. I like to switch around.