Monday, March 18, 2013

My bag and some shibori trees

The sun is shining brilliantly today, but it's clear by the temperature and the cold, biting wind that winter is not going to let go easily. Will power alone got me out for my walk. At least once I'd made the short bit to the trail, it was quite lovely out of the wind.
I've made a creamed fiddlehead soup for supper using some fiddleheads from the freezer. And I made two loaves of oatmeal bread to go with it.
It's been a satisfying day because I finally finished up all the parts for my bag that my friend Elise is going to put together for me.

The bottom one is an inside pocket and the top one will go on the outside. I have quilted them in what I call a meandering zig zig. Perhaps there's another name for it.

This morning, I received my art work back from Quilting Arts. This piece was done using the shibori method that I write about in the article in the April/May issue, but it is not pictured there, nor did I show it on my blog when I did it.
It is reminiscent of a fall or spring morning on my NB Trail.


elle said...


Robbie said...

Your trees are wonderful...but I have to ask...what is "creamed fiddlehead soup" soup??

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Gosh Holly!!! that last piece is stunning!!!!

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau said...

Lovely piece!! A little jealous of your soup and homemade bread....We also forced ourselves out for a walk and as always, it feels great once you go. Bitterly cold wind, but lots of sun. Gonna remember that if we get the 20-30 cm they are threatening on some weather stations. Ugh.

Juanita said...

That's a beautiful piece! And I'd love some of that soup and fresh baked bread today - another snowy Tuesday in Ontario!