Monday, March 11, 2013

An interlude

Yes, in case some of you have been looking, I've been a little out of my creative loop. I'm not stuck, just needed a breather after finishing things last week. I took some time to sit and watch the season 1 of Downton Abbey while I did some knitting. I love doing a mindless afghan that is knit in one piece on circular needles. It's very relaxing.

Then, my youngest son was home for the weekend. He and his fiancé have become godparents, something a bit alien to him as he grew up United although we don't attend now.
Today, I needed to get some clean up done and my daughter messaged me early this morning from Korea to get me to Skype with her.
I sat down around 2 to do a bit of sewing on a pouch. I should be able to show it tomorrow.
Yesterday, just to get in a little sewing fix, I made another one of the Trip Around the World blocks.

Now I have two! I like to keep some traditional quilting on the side because it gives me a bit of a break in between my art quilting projects while I'm pondering where I'll go next.
It is a really fun block which I will work on here and there, probably over the next year.


elle said...

Your trip looks great and the knitting project intriguing.

Wendy Ouellette said...

Hah! Got you hooked on those trip blocks eh. Your afghan looks great!

imquilternity said...

Beautiful knitting... I love the pattern and the color. Oooo... it really makes me want to knit again! :) Your scrappy trip blocks are gorgeous. Yours look to me less like everything else you see on the web (including mine) and I love them. Wonderful fabrics and great color choices! This will be a beautiful quilt when it's finished. It will be fun to watch your progress on this one.