Thursday, February 28, 2013

trail walk and finished Alium

After having a nice Skype talk with my daughter in S Korea this morning, I wandered around the house deciding what to so today. I idly cleaned up my painting table, but I'm not ready to start something new yet, still working on some stamps and stencils.
I opted top get dressed and head out with my camera to walk the NB Trail, something I haven't done in a while. The first picture I took was this one of our back yard. The snow has gone down a bit since the storm but you get the idea.

With the well below zero night temps and the milder daily temps, we've had frost covered trees every day this week

The chickadees and nuthatches were not as eager as usual. Someone had left some little piles of seeds ahead of me. Unusually, since they're usually the shyer ones, the nuthatch landed on my hand when the chickadees wouldn't today. I didn't get a perfect picture as it was skittish.

The wings seem oddly placed in this one.

One of my favorites, I often take a picture of this old tree with the woodpecker holes in it.

There is always something different that catches my eye each time I go it. I'm calling this the snowbird.

I had  lunch at Tim's with a friend and then I finally finished up the Allium piece. I'm happy with the little hand embroidered flowers that I added.
 I think it adds just the right touch.


Exuberant Color said...

You are right, the little flowers are the perfect touch to carry your eye from edge to edge.

I can't believe how much snow you have. It reminds me of our winter of 1978-9 that never melted once and just kept piling up.

Katherine said...

You're in a winter wonderland! How amazing to be able to hand feed wild birds. Wow.

Love your finished Allium piece, Holly. You're right, the hand stitched flowers are the perfect detail. Just beautiful!

Margaret Applin said...

I can't believe the birds will actually sit on your hand????? How totally cool!!! The asyilum piece came out great!!! (I need to work on my spelling)LOL

elle said...

lovely! I do really like the effects of white and your allium is great!