Friday, February 8, 2013


I've been here now about a day and a half and I surprised myself by getting all the blocks done for my brother's quilt. Tonight, I will start putting it together.

It's all batiks and once together will have a couple of borders added.
What my friend who is sewing next to me found funny is that she did a small quilt with batiks in some similar colors. We had no idea beforehand. It looked like we shopped together but she got hers out west and most of mine were ordered on line.

I really love a scrappy quilt and this one from a pattern that's been around a while is one of my favourites.this one is being made by another friend. It's fun to see several familiar half square triangles. I donated them to her after finishing one of my quilts a few years ago. I'm actually stretched out on it right now.

The one above is my bed. We're staying in what used to be a nun's residence so it's space but perfect for a quilt retreat.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

You must be having a blast!!! I really like your quilt too

elle said...

Your brother's quilt is wonderful. Nice place to sleep! Have FUN!

Margaret Applin said...

Oh my gosh!!! Look at you go!!! Beautiful quilts!