Friday, February 22, 2013


I've added more quilting and a couple of collaged pieces of fabric and lace.

Even though the colour is still a little more intense than on the screen, I still feel it needs more. I've always been one for a touch of bling, not too much, just a little sparkle to catch the eye.
I'm mulling it over. It could be beads, paint, some foiling or a bit of all three.

Uncharacteristically, for me, I added the word joy. Despite the big storm we just shovelled out of, there is a decided promise of spring in the air after all! It's beautiful today! But it's not showing up enough from a distance, so I shall also be pondering what to add there. I've either got to add something or take it off.
It's promising to be a lovely weekend. Have a good one!


Linda said...

It's wonderful, Holly! Very, very nice.

Anonymous said...

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Carol Swift said...

The colors are just so it!

Caroline Heinrichs said...

Embellishing looks great! Looks to me that the quilt is wanting more?

Leslie McNeil said...

Very pretty, Holly! {I'm partial to the lace!}