Thursday, February 21, 2013

Playing with paint, my Gelli and deli paper

There is some good that comes from being cocooned in the house while a storm swirls about outside.
This morning once I cleared up a few bits of house chores, I decided it might be a good time to try some Gelli printing onto deli paper. It was my first time and since I'm always one to jump right in, I did learn a few things for next time.
* I need to clear a bigger space because once you start rolling on the paint and printing, you lose control! Thankfully, I at least laid out a large sheet where I could throw down the pages as I finished.

* I need more rollers and sponge brushes so I don't have to keep stopping to wash them.

* I could use more stencils for interest and variation. That means more doodling and a session cutting some stencils.
The one above would make a good background for some journaling.
I thought at first that a lot of the prints were flops and that I have a lot to learn, which I do, but then I realized that each print is just another starting point.
So things like the bare spots where there wasn't enough paint, or where it had started to dry before I got it printed don't matter. In fact, as in the next one, it adds interest and provides a jumping off point for another piece of art.

I could barely make myself stop for lunch. At the table where I ate, I used matte medium to glue one print into my sketchbook.
When it was dry, I added some stamps and line work with a pen.
It's no great work of art but it is a really fun process which may provide lots of fodder for my fiber art.

I finally had to clean up some of my mess and get some things ready for supper. There'll be more deli paper printing in my future for sure!


Nancy Eaton said...

Aren't Gelli prints fun? Thanks for commenting on my blog -- I buy bookmark blanks from a shop on Etsy - then I collage on dictionary paper, then the gelli print. I finish with a coat of gloss gel, and then spray on matte finish. Gives it a really good feel. BTW, I really like your prints! Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

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imquilternity said...

That really looks like a lot of fun. I had to laugh when you said you could barely make yourself stop for lunch. I know that feeling exactly. They are truly wonderful and I can't wait to see how you use them.

rtquilter said...

Great, Holly, but I give up! What is deli paper? Where do you find it?