Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guild Night

Last night I attended the final dinner and meeting for the North Star Quilt guild here in Bathurst. It was actually the only meeting I made it to this year. When I work, I've found night time meetings too difficult and since I've been sick and off work, I just couldn't make it. So, it was nice to see everyone again, and I even stayed long enough for the game and the show and tell. We each had a brown paper bag (to carry fabric home in later) and 1/2 meter of fabric from home. We were in 3 groups -- 57 ladies in all-- and when the music played we passed the fabric along. When the music stopped we then had to split our 1/2 meter into 2 parts. One part went into our bag to keep and the other got passed along again. We did this until the fabric was too small to split again. You can imagine the  mess of fabrics one would end up with! The idea is to use the fabrics in any way we can conceive, adding other fabrics if needed, and oh, it will be needed! At the September meeting the projects will be displayed anonymously and then judged for favorites. It's going to take some thought to figure out what to do with this bunch.

 Finally, I can show my latest little project that I made for my son's partner; she received it yesterday. The back of the postcard is copied form one that they sent me form Paris during a vacation they took. The tulips and the sparrow are painted on white muslin following  Tracy Huskamp's directions in her book Nature Inspired. You will find the book in my sidebar. I just realized that I don't seem to have the final picture. I may have deleted it from the camera. The only thing missing here is the left hand binding and the gross grain ribbon that I added to hang it.

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