Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lovely Weekend

We celebrated my youngest son's 24th birthday today as he came home for a visit from Saint John where he works. It's about four hours form here. I'm not kidding myself though, mostly why he came was that his girlfriend is also here for the summer and he hadn't seen her for a few weeks. The weather was perfect though, so we spent a good part of yesterday outside and had a barbecue for supper. Jeremy always does  the barbecueing and is much better at it than me or his father. This morning we went out for breakfast with him and his girlfriend , her parents and grandmother. Later he left to visit his grandparents who have a place at the beach near here.
It was cooler today and very windy which made it just perfect to do a little gardening. I've slowly been cleaning and mulching my gardens a little bit at a time. The best time is for me to do a little before lunch, and then I still need  to rest in the afternoon. I planted a little Bayberry bush at the back of our yard where I have started a cedar hedge. I'm looking forward to the color in the fall as well as the berries that will attract the birds.
Today, though, I rested out on my deck swing. It is  a very small deck, but it is my favorite place in the world right now. I have a little fountain, some flowers and some shade. I laid there for almost 3 hours today while reading and enjoying the wind in the trees overhead and listening to the birdsong.

 I also took some time to do this little drawing of a June bug found on the deck. I wonder how long their lifespan is and why we always find them dead in the morning. I don't particularly like them when they're beating on my screen here in my sewing room after dark--to be honest they give me the creeps. When they're dead--I know it's mean--they are interesting.

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