Monday, May 24, 2010


It seems that my overnight trip to Fredericton took quite a bit out of me. I had a couple of 'resting days' but I felt better today. I've been working on  2 small things which I cannot show yet, so I thought that I would show some of my first blooms in my garden. The tulips have just finished and this is what is blossoming now. I have not had smell for years, but because of thee large amounts of Cortisone I've been on this winter, I am smelling all the spring smells for the fist time in a long time. I even noticed the fresh cut grass smell the other night. Wow! That's beautiful!

As for my knitting, I just can't stick with any one thing. It's my brain right now. I found this pattern from a 1987 woman's Day magazine. I'm using cotton which is a smaller weight and I'm adding some crocheted trim. I've just picked up stitches for a skirt. She will have a hat too. Can you picture it?

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