Thursday, May 20, 2010

Home from Daughter's Graduation

She made it! What made this graduation especially moving for us was that our daughter tried  2 different universities, finished 1 year, and then decided she wasn't going back. She worked for 3  years and then opted to return to the University of New Brunswick to finish her Bachelor of Business Administration. At that time 3 years seemed like forever, and we didn't know how we would do it all financially, but we did. There were many stresses and tears along the way, but she worked hard and she made it.
Today, I was resting after our trip, but this afternoon when the sun came out I went for  a little bike ride along the NB Trail. I brought home this tiny piece of moss to photograph. It is sitting in a little pottery leaf that I bought last week from Chal Baie here in Bathurst. It was made by a friend, Sarah Branch of Branch Designs. She also has an Etsy shop. And, yes that is a wasp nest in the second photo.

I did manage to fix my mistake on my pen and brush roll. I think I will be dragging it along to lots of places to sketch and paint this summer.

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Wendy said...

Great pic of you and Kaylee(sp?)I didn't realize just how much she looks like Momma. Happy day for all I am sure. Love your little snippet of moss, but I love moss, lots of it...on logs, on the ground, on trees, etc.