Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Journal Page Exchange and Mail Surprise

I had 2 appointments today--one at the hospital and one at the dentist.  When I came home in between and checked my mailbox there was a package. My first thought was, did I order fabric and forget about it, but no, it was a surprise gift from an aunt that I correspond with via email. Really we are more like sisters in our age differences. She is also a sewer and a quilter, and so picked out a very nice tote bag kit to cheer me up. The colors are beautiful.
Today was also the day that I meet with my journal swap friends to exchange our page and choose the new theme. This month's theme was flowers, and you can see the diversity of the group in the following pictures.. We are 4 here and there are some who send from afar. One of our group was sick so I have 3 photos to show. The first is the one that I received this time from Nicole. It is mostly collaged with some embellishments and machine stitching added. I just love her sense of whimsy and color.
 This one was done by Anne as an experiment in fabric origami. I like the added beads.

This last one is the one that I did. I used the paper fabric technique--tissue paper applied with glue to muslin with various bits of paper scraps in between. Then I stamped, painted, stitched, and applied some foil for highlights.

I thought you might like to see the progression of the little doll. Since I was out all day today, this is as far as I got. She's cute so far.

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