Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gelatin Prints

I'm continuing to be inspired to work on the assorted gelatin prints that I did. I've finished the stitching on this one which I may call 'Mystic House'. It was scanned, and there are actually borders on it which aren't showing. Also, I plan to add beads after the quilting and I did add some fuchsia colored foil (just a touch) to the tree branches in the foreground.

It really was a fairly nice day with the odd shower, mostly sunshine and a bit of wind. It was 'coolish', just the way I like it really, so after doing a bit of paper work and housework, hubby and I went for  a little bike ride. We timed it perfectly in between the showers. Of course I could not come back without a few more wildflowers to press. There's just not enough time to stop and sketch everything I'd like to, so the next best thing is to pick a few. sometimes I put them in water to sketch later, but today I put them in my favorite flower press--the phone book. Just so you know, I would not ever pick anything rare. These are your very common roadside weeds.
I started working on this next one with the seashell. I added some color to the shell with my Inktense pencils and some Neocolor II crayons and then put a border. I'm ready to do some thread painting, quilting and embellishing, but I'm thinking of over printing with a piece of the seaweed I collected last week. I've put the seaweed on top in the 2nd photo to get an idea of how it might look. Of course I will try it on another scrap of fabric first. Maybe it will help me to decide. Any comments would be appreciated.

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