Thursday, June 24, 2010

Journal Exchange Night

Last night was our little group's June journal exchange night. The plan was to pick up supper and go to the beach, but it got very windy in the afternoon and rain was looming. We met at my place instead and were soon driven inside from the deck by the rain. Although there were just 3 of us, we really enjoyed gabbing about all things creative while listening to the background pitter patter of rain. don't you just love that sound.? It's so calming. After tea and some chat, we moved into my sewing room and then gabbed some more.
Our theme this month was 'creepy crawlies' and I have 2 to show at the moment. The first one was done by Nicole Boudreau. She painted on canvas, cut out the shapes and sewed them down along with the other collage pieces to second piece of canvas. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm sorry I did manage a slightly blurry photo.

The second one I did. It was based on the June bugs that were tapping at my sewing room window all month. I applied paint to batik fabric, collaged on the painted bugs, did some free motion with a little tulle and added a touch of foil for sparkle.

Yesterday I spent a tidbit of time at my sewing machine to free motion quilt this little piece that I showed in the last post. It is postcard size and almost finished ( I think). I may add a few beads.

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