Monday, June 21, 2010

Sporting Weekend

I started off the weekend with my husband and a picnic at the beach. At home in the afternoon, I made homemade hummus with roasted vegetables and sandwiched it all in olive bread. Delicious! You can tell that the stomach medication is working and I can get out again. We strolled along the boardwalk where these wild roses were blooming. The smell was wonderful!
Then we went to the waterfront in our downtown where we had an ice cream. I took this pictures of the wild irises there.

On Saturday, we took the kayaks to his parent's place at the beach and we went for our first paddle of the year. I was so happy to be out on the water. There were mostly gentle swells on the ocean side, but as we came into shore there were breakers. I'm not afraid of water, but for some reason I always fear getting flipped in shallow water and maybe getting stuck. I've been paddling for about ten years and never flipped unintentionally, but it happened in the waves just before I got to shore. It was probably a good thing because I slid out of my boat easily and it has taken the fear away.
Yesterday, we went to his parent's again to see his father for Father's Day. In between thunder showers, I picked up some seaweed to press.

This morning was my morning to clean house. I like to get that done and then I'm free to do what I want for the rest of the week. I also started a black bean soup and made rhubarb muffins.
I had just enough time left before I go make my lunch to stamp a flower onto one of my gelatin prints. I want to be able to sit this afternoon and do some hand embroidery on it.
I'm going now to make a sandwich with some if that humus and perhaps tomato and lettuce. The afternoon is mine to enjoy. A friend may drop by as well. what more could I ask?


Jane LaFazio said...

Gelatin prints? Pressed seaweed!! I love it!!

imquilternity said...

What a lovely weekend. Your photos are must live in a beautiful area. I also like the idea of pressed seaweed. How ingenious!!