Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Getting back into things

Last week we were away way to PEI where we babysat our nearly 3 yr old grandson for a couple days and a night. We were so busy and were  having so much fun that we took few pictures. I was hemming some curtains for my daughter’s new house and my husband took this of Ollie helping out. He was fascinated by the sewing machine and very good about keeping fingers back while the machine was running. Each time I stopped he would pull out the pin. He was patient, staying there for all 4 panels.

Just before we went, I had a scope in the bladder and it was confirmed that I have something called interstitial cystitis, a sometimes very uncomfortable condition. There is a rather strict diet and perhaps medication. If any of my readers has experience with this, I’d be glad to hear how you’re coping.

Yesterday and today, I’ve been getting back into my routine, doing a bit of garden clean up and working in my studio. I assembled a simple book from my boiled pages so that I can set it nearby and add color and notes when the whim strikes.

While I was at it I also put together some pages that I had started this time last year featuring the dried seed heads of the balloon flower from my front garden.

Today, I went back to yoga for the first time in a couple years! It was a 30 minutes class which I thought better for me right now. We’ll see how my back feels tonight and hopefully I’ll be able to continue. This is thanks to the spinal injection as well as the new medication for arthritis that I started a few months back.

Feeling pretty good about that, I came home, had a quick lunch and headed into my studio where I cleaned up a few scraps - I’ve been cutting the pieces for the Halloween hanging. There are a few more pieces to add and adjustments to make. Each quadrant will have a sashing in between meant to be as if one is looking through a window.

I’ve been very restless and somewhat anxiety ridden lately, finding it difficult to get down to some of my own fiber art, but felt I was ready to get back to the sea birds. I fixed a little issue at the horizon and stitched the water down at the horizon line. It doesn’t look like a lot of progress although I spent about an hour changing threads for the blue water, some brown on the log and some soft pinks and purples in the rippled shadows. 

I’m content. I stopped at 4:00 to get my boneless Parmesan chicken cutlets ready to start for dinner.

While I’m sad that summer is over, I do enjoy autumn with all the colours, the interesting dried plants and the cooler temps. As I was leaning in to snap the picture of these berries I noticed the matching beetle. 

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