Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Slipping into fall, Gelli printing

Thanks to the success of the spinal injection, I’ve been walking the trails again, doing one of my favourite things - gathering plant materials for pressing and printing. Every subsequent day that I was out, there was a noticeable change in colours along the way.

Usually, I carry a small cloth bag to gather plant materials. I really like fall bouquets as much or more than summer ones. There are such interesting lines and shapes in the dried flower heads and seed pods.

Especially the fireweed.

The swaths of fireweed along trails and roadways is so pretty.

The fluffy seeds come out of the spiky appendages when handled which makes for a lovely mess when printing!

These are some of the Gelli prints I made in one session. The ones at the top of the photo are on paper.

I was so happy with a couple on paper that I tried copying one onto photocopy fabric and paper to experiment.

This way, I can play with colour and composition.

I have inspiration and ideas! My creative brain is off and running. It feels good.

Yesterday, before the cold last night, I gathered all of my cold sensitive veggies including some herbs. I found a very effective way to store them that lasts a long time (months)is to put them in paper bags in the fridge.

This morning was sanding the rust off a vintage filigree hanging light that came from a church. I’m planning to spray paint it. It’s going in my living room. There are some small hanging pieces that are removed for sanding. I’ll show the whole thing once it’s done.

I do so live the temps and weather this time of year even though it does mean no more swims. Sitting on the swing on the deck  with a book in the afternoon is so pleasant.

We’re going to Prince Edward Island next week for a couple nights to babysit our grandson so I’m trying to finish up a couple of Halloween things to put in a little treat package.
He’s almost 3 and really into Halloween. I think he’ll enjoy the pillowcase.

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