Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Stamping, printing, free motion stitching

Sometimes I welcome a bad weather day; it keeps me home and creating all day. I'm not happy about the rain-- still hoping to get in some snow shoeing this month. Temperatures will drop again but ice is not great for snow shoeing. My aim first thing this morning( I make a list after I wake up) was to get in a wash and start supper in the crock pot. At lunch time, I chopped up some veggies for roasting.
Once that's done I'm free to create. My list for that included cutting some fabric for a baby quilt, making and testing another craft foam stamp, and stitching a little more on the chickadees. I know it seems like I'm pretty ADD; however, I have reason for the division of time into about 1 hour blocks. It really helps with arthritis pain to keep moving. Free motion stitching is quite hard on the fingers.
At lunch, I started transferring another design to craft foam. Of course I have to try it out on paper to see what it will look like.
It's fun on paper but eventually though I'll be incorporating it into some fabric printing.
I like to clean the brayer on pages of my sketchbooks which I can sketch onto later.
I'm really enjoying playing with designs from the Amaziograph App. I'm spending lots of time thinking about how I will use them in my fiber art. A friend just popped by to bring me a treat. Yes, I had to try one. Yum.
My final bit for today is the chickadees and the nest. I added a little more color  and detail to the chickadees -- not done yet but needed to rest my fingers.
I need to get the color on this next piece so I can start stitching. The gold will be toned down with the added thread. 
Shortly, I will turn the oven on for the veggies and get some gravy made. It's been a productive day. I hope yours was too!


PaintedThread said...

Love those chickadees!

Linda H said...

Sounds like you have a good plan for accomplishing a lot in a day. Breaking your day up into 1 hour chunks works well. Those chickadees are looking great!

Anonymous said...

So many wonderful projects on the go.