Monday, March 27, 2017

Ferns and Lace

This week, I have only one appointment, foot care who will come to my house. I have vowed to settle in and have an artful and productive week. I did this doodle sketch of trees at lunch time in my journal. The green blue paint was already there from one of my printing sessions. I've had trees on my mind since I've been walking amongst them on my snowshoe excursions. Today's my day off, didn't even walk.
I put a wash in, cleaned up here and there, chopped a bowl of veggies for roasting and made rice pudding with coconut milk and cinnamon. I had a craving for it with raisins but forgot that I'd used them. Hubby will bring some and I'll add them later. I had to try a small taste with my chamomile tea. The whole recipe only has two tbsp's of brown sugar and of maple syrup.
I finally got all the background quilting done on the Fern's and Lace and added the appliqué lace flowers.
I had to be brave to stitch over top with the black! I think I like it.
While I still had the green thread from the quilting on my machine, I  stitched the stems to the appliqué flowers on this little piece that is the start of a needlecase. While I was cleaning yesterday I found it.
My daughter messaged me to tell me about Ollie's 4 month check up. He is 17 lbs 8ozs and 26" long! The doctor told her she'll probably have to start him on food earlier than is usual.
Of course while I eat, walk, or do almost anything, I'm thinking about my next piece of art. I want to do some mono printing on the gelatin plate this week, and so picked up some Knox gelatin and a tinfoil pan. Instead of using my 8 by 10" Gelli, I want something larger so I'm going to make it. I'm still working on foam stamps to use when I do get to some printing.
I've already done the larger one you see on the paper. Now, I'm planning a stamp with the three leaves and the circle with the leaves to go with it. Last up is my latest sock--ever since I joined the fb group, Addicted to Sock Knitting, I can't stop! I also go to a local sock knitting group where new patterns are always passed around. I have a hard time to knit plain stocking stitch anymore! Even though, it looks narrow, there is quite a stretch. They fit perfectly.
Well my week is off to a good start. I hope yours is too.


Mystic Quilter said...

Ferns and Lace is looking very sumptuous indeed and yes, you were oh so brave using black thread - braver than I would have been but hasn't it worked well! Lovely photo of daughter and Ollie, he has grown!

Anonymous said...

All beautiful projects. I can't get over how fast Ollie is growing up.