Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Domestic activities, chickadees in thread

Rain and freezing rain has kept me at home today. Not a bad thing. We're completely out of milk (pancake making last night) but hubby will pick it up on his way home. I spent this morning clearing up phone calls and doing a bit of cleaning. Finally, I was able to mop my kitchen floor! I'm still cleaning out closets and cupboards and filling my boxes to donate. I've clearly got enough for a yard sale; however, I'm ready to divest of the stuff now. Donating is  a good option. I read a suggestion on fb this week. Each day of Lent (which I normally don't follow) add an item to your giveaway box. Even though I've got boxes full, I think I could do that! Since have a tendency to be scattered brained, I made a list of things I need to get done by priority. I finished free motion quilting a small piece that I must finish and get into the mail.
I have only a small area of beading to finish before adding a backing and a binding.
After that, I rewarded myself with some thread stitching time on the painted chickadees.
Generally, I try to break up my day into blocks of time for certain creative endeavours. It's probably a bit out of habit, but also, to keep myself moving. Next up, I mixed up a batch of oatmeal chocolate chips with walnuts, baking one tray. The rest I'll freeze. I'm losing weight since my surgeries and I have to watch my treats! It's nice to have one occasionally, I think. I find if feel too deprived I'm more inclined.
True to my nature I've also got two pairs of socks going!
The left hand ones are scrappy. My little Ollie turned 3 months yesterday.


Mystic Quilter said...

Nice stitching Holly and what a great idea for a donation box over Lent, think I might follow that example.

Anonymous said...

What a difference the stitching makes. It really brings the image to life. Loving the knitting and the cookies. Happy 3 months to Ollie.

Linda H said...

Ollie is such a cutie pie! Love the socks, especially the blue pair (of course!). The chickadees are looking great! What fun.