Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snow day

I've had a few too many appointments lately, so today's snow day was a good reason to stay home. The snow let up late morning, but our narrow driveway which runs between two houses means that although we got plowed out, my car was buried in a drift. I cancelled my physio--I'm not supposed to shovel after all-- and stayed home. I've recently been heard to complain some about being in a rut, needing a change. Well, it wasn't exactly what I'd envisioned; our car blew the turbo on our way out of town to a doctor's appointment last Friday. It was a long and stressful day. I made my appointment, just a follow up, but didn't get anything else done except drop off a quilt for a friend, and get a few things at Costco. Also, we came home with a new car! A first for us. The old Subaru Outback would have required extensive repairs, more than it was worth. We did the deal in a day and made it home by 11:00 pm. I hate driving after dark so it was a tense drive. I'm beginning to settle down, especially when I get engrossed in my art. I've done some cooking today for a friend who has had a death in the family. I did muffins and a ham and white bean soup.
After that, I fit in some time in the studio. I wanted simply to experiment with a couple of the designs I did in the Amaziograph APP. I printed a mandala onto tracing paper and stitched the outline onto the reverse of some navy blue velvet.
I don't have a lot to choose from in heavier weight thread as I'm usually thread painting not quilting. I'm only playing here and thinking about the possibilities. This one I did on a piece of blue linen again putting the pattern on the reverse with tracing paper. 
I also added batting. Not finished yet.
I took a break for lunch and finished chopping veggies for the soup and some to roast later for our supper. I love colourful veggies and I'm hooked lately on roasting them with enough for leftovers. Before roasting I will add some tiny potatoes and seasoning.
After lunch, I got back to the tree with the nest. Upon looking at a photo and visiting the tree yesterday on snow shoes, I realized it's a birch tree-- not really a big deal; there is artist licence right? Anyway I'd already decided I'd use usible appliqué for the tree.
I added more color to the background. As it dries and fades, I may add to it.
It measures about 11" by 17" so appliqué will work well.
I started knitting a cardigan for Ollie. I'm doing size 1yr. I don't have a pic of the sweater. It's a button up with a rolled color. I call it old man style.
He is getting so big!


PaintedThread said...

Wow! Lots done. Huzzah for a new car. All your projects look great.

Anonymous said...

Great use of a snow day. Loving all your projects, as usual.