Thursday, March 23, 2017

Free motioning a Gelli print, more stamp designs

It's been a while since I posted two days in a row. I finally got a day at home--mostly--an early test at hospital and then I was free! Today is not a snow shoeing or a walking day. It's sunny after our snow last night but cold and very windy. An inside day. As soon as I got home I made blender orange raisin muffins. Thanks for the recipe, Wendy.
While they were in the oven I started onion, celery, garlic, and cardomum for a Thai lentil coconut soup.  
Added veggie broth, pink lentils, and carrots. A little salt and a masala chai spice.
Simmered until tender and blended with the immersion blender.
Supper having been taken care of, I still had time before my lunch to try making a couple coordinating foam stamps from the print I did yesterday.
After lunch, I moved into the sewing studio. Finally some stitching! With the batting and a muslin backing added to my layered Gelli print, I started the  free motion quilting.
It's a little hard to see where I quilted. Here is the back view.
I'm really anxious to get the quilting finished so I can get to the next step. I have this idea which I I quickly collaged and sketched in my sketchbook.
And which I really hope will work on the Gelli printed and stitched background. The fabric shapes will be Thread sketched on top with the heavy weight black thread.
I just stopped for my afternoon snack, tomato juice, celery and cream cheese, but printed off a few more designs before turning off the computer.
I enlarged a couple so I can do smaller stamps of motifs found in the larger design.
This next one reminds me a bit of a wrought iron fence.
I have been very creative today. I feel good!  Are you getting some creative time today?


Sandi said...

Some lovely inspiration. Love the colours and thread painting from your sketchbook page!

Anonymous said...

The intricacy of your stitching always amazes me. I think I can smell the food from here.....yummmm.