Thursday, March 2, 2017

Foam stamps and stitching chickadees

It's been another productive day-- a snow day-- not a huge storm, enough to keep me home though. I always have a few little household chores, like washing, dishes, etc that I like to clear up after breakfast. It kind of gets me going. After my shoulder surgery, I bought this little stick vacuum which picks up remarkably well. I can use it with my left arm and do a room or two. I love it! Then, I had to do my 3 times daily shoulder exercises and added in about 20 minutes of yoga before lunch. After all this was done, I transferred one of my Amaziograph designs to craft foam, and then, of course, I had to see how it would print.
I have lots of ideas about how to use this on fabric! I made notes. I looked at my list of things I needed to work on and headed for the studio. Back out I came to look at the design and ponder a smaller stamp isolating part of the design.
You can guess can't you? I had to try it out! I repeated it 4 times fitting the matching parts together. The small square stamp is about 2 1/2" just to give you an idea.
I made more notes to remember my ideas for future experimentation on fabric.
Only then could I move into my studio and do a bit of stitching-- some grey this time on the wings of the chickadees
I'll need some darker grey and white to finish up. Time to take a snack break.
Tomorrow will be an errand day and lunch with friends. I've got a car full of boxes filled with stuff to donate.


Anonymous said...

I can't get enough of your chickadees. They're gorgeous already. Loving the stamp and designs.

Linda H said...

You are having such fun with the stamping and thread painting, both are looking great! I haven't done much tread painting but it sure is fun, isn't it? It adds such dimension.